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Late Night Appetizer Menu

late night appetizer menu

spinach artichoke dippers | 7

eight pieces spinach and artichoke stuffed in a wonton and fried crisp, garnished with feta crumbles

broccoli bites | 7

eight pieces cheddar cheese, bacon bits and sweet onion in a light, crispy potato breading with ranch dipping sauce, garnished with green onion

loaded nacho dippers | 7

eight crispy wontons filled with queso and mexican style meat crumbles served with salsa

chicken tenders | 7

four tender pieces of all-white breast meat served with french fries

fish and chips | 8

three golden pieces of beer battered cod, served with french fries and tartar sauce

double chocolate brownie bites | 6

eight extra moist brownie bites with chocolate bits covered in a rich, sweet batter and fried to perfection, topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream